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Mistakes NOT to Make when Creating Content

I set out to document my journey into Voice-over and other side hustles, but my own excitement and ego got in the way of creating quality content about this topic. Today, I talk about the mistakes I made and the real lessons to learn from my first demo recording in the attic.

Vlog Sunday #6 - Voice-over Baby Steps 0

Voice-Over Progress Made in Baby Steps – Vlog Sunday

It is week 6 of Vlog Sunday and the theme seems to be progression. I’ve made voice-over progress by finally recording some demo material. We also take a look at the growth six20five Media saw this week on social media, and it came from an unlikely source.


To Vlog or Not to Vlog: A Vlog Checklist

To Vlog or not to Vlog? It is not even a question I consider entertaining, but it does it mean I should. I am going to give you my basic checklist of questions to answer that can help you decide to write a particular piece of content, or give it the pizzazz of video!