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New Content Coming – September 2019

We are preparing to launch some new content over the next couple of weeks – #WorkoutWednesday and #AskASockPuppet – Both for your viewing enjoyment!

Making Progress Toward our Goals - From the Attic 1

Making Progress Toward our Goals

It felt like a short week because of the holiday, but that didn’t stop us from make progress toward our goals and planning new content from six20five Media and From the Attic.

September 2019 Goals - From the Attic 5

September 2019 Goals

It’s time to grow, and the best way to push ourselves is by setting goals. Here are the goals for the Month of Septemeber and my plan to achieve them!

Vlog Sunday #6 - Voice-over Baby Steps 0

Voice-Over Progress Made in Baby Steps – Vlog Sunday

It is week 6 of Vlog Sunday and the theme seems to be progression. I’ve made voice-over progress by finally recording some demo material. We also take a look at the growth six20five Media saw this week on social media, and it came from an unlikely source.

Create a Simple To-Do List 1

Create a Simple To-Do List

We love to-do lists! It tells us exactly what to do and we get to scratch off the items we complete. Not only do they manage the workload, but they also give us a little boost of confidence in knowing we can accomplish our goals. The best part is that there really is no right or wrong way to make a to-do list. In this post, I’m going to walk you through how I made mine after struggling to follow a schedule.


Vlog Sunday #5 – Lets Get Social

Let’s get social in the 5th edition of Vlog Sunday. We talk about increased social media efforts and the impact they had this week. I also say it’s time to throw out the time-based self-management and go with a to-do list instead.